Fueling the energy transition with natural gas

Enerxia contributes to energy transition by promoting natural gas, a major asset in today’s energy mix.

Enerxia and its sister company Kouros aim to build integrated gas projects from the wellhead until the final consumers.

Enerxia focuses mainly on building local energy chains and will promote emerging development solutions such as small-scale LNG and GTL when suitable.

Long-term investor

Enerxia has a long-term industrial investment vision and seeks mid-term performance with competitive production costs and positive cash flow generation.

The objective of Enerxia, in partnership with Kouros, its sister company in clean energies, is to build a vertically integrated energy group positioned on the various energy segments of the future.


Enerxia is managed by executives with international experience in world’s leading energy companies, particularly in E&P, distribution and valorization of energy projects.

Their mission is to build a strong medium-size Oil & Gas player.

Moreover Enerxia can rely on dedicated teams with business, financial and technical experience at local and international levels.

Fast investment decision making

The investment decision is primarily asset-driven with a strong focus on the Management team quality.

Thanks to a straightforward and robust governance, Enerxia is able to take decisions rapidly and efficiently in order to seize market opportunities and successfully execute its projects.

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